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Supply of Solar Water Heater Dubai / UAE

Proxima Energy is the most reliable and leading Solar Water Heater Supplier in Dubai , UAE.

Proxima Energy dealing with the world’s leading Brands
  • Ariston Solar Water Heaters in Dubai
  • Maltezos Solar Water Heaters in Dubai
  • Venman Solar Water Heaters in Dubai

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Solar Water Heater Maintenance Dubai

looking for Solar Water Heaters Maintenance in Dubai Looking for Solar Water Heaters Servicing in Dubai Looking for Solar Water Heaters Repair in Dubai Maintenance costs for solar water heating systems are generally very low. Most solar water heating systems come with a five-year or ten-year warranty and require little maintenance. Once fitted your installer should leave written details of any maintenance checks that you can carry out from time to time to ensure everything is working properly.

Perhaps the most important thing for you to check for is whether there are any leaks. Leaks of anti-freeze will produce a strong smell (even if you can’t see any liquid). If you notice this, you should contact your installer.

If you are not getting hot water or the solar pipework is cold when the pump is running on warm, sunny days then you should contact your installer.

For peace of mind some installation companies offer an annual service check. You should have your system checked more thoroughly by an accredited installer every 3-7 years, or as specified by your installer. It is likely that after this period of time, the anti-freeze that is used to protect your system in the winter months will need to topped up or be replaced as it breaks down over time reducing the performance of the System.

How often is solar thermal servicing required in Dubai UAE?

We recommend servicing systmes on a regular basis, usually on a yearly basis. However, we offer one-off services or agree on a solar thermal service schedule on a yearly or bi-annual schedule.

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Arranging Solar Water Heater annual service in Dubai

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Solar Panel Cleaning in Dubai

Solar Thermal Panels Service Schedule in Dubai Solar Collectors Servicing in Dubai
Harnessing the sun’s energy to heat your hot water saves money and preserves energy reserves. However, a solar thermal system that runs badly or not at all may damage your initial investment and negate all savingfs made. Although well installed solar thermal panels need relatively little maintenance, we advise regular solar thermal servicing to ensure your system runs as efficiently. Debris and dirt on solar panels has a huge negative effect on the performance of any solar panels.
During our service schedule we go through a full pipework check which involves making sure that all the pipes are correctly covered with insulation.
We also ensure there are no leaks or kinks in the pipe work which would cause the solar thermal hot water heating system to fail. Additionally we check the pipework for any damage that could have been caused by pests such as birds, especially pigeons, rats, mice and squirrels. If your system is not clean then it may have problems with functioning. In checking that your system is clean, we help you to avoid this issue and make sure your system keeps running smoothly.
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